Total Throwing Rehabilitation Program


At Performance Physical Therapy of Idaho, we offer specialized throwing programs
that are incorporated into your rehabilitation. We work with many world-renowned
orthopedic surgeons and professional sports organizations to tailor these programs
to athletes of all different ages, sports, positions and ability levels.


Over the years, we have seen the number of overuse injuries in throwing athletes
skyrocket and it has become one of our passions to educate our athletes on the
causes of these injuries and design programs not only to get them back out on the
field, but to give them the tools necessary to continue doing what they love without
further injury. We are proud to be working with STOP Sports Injuries in an effort to help educate our athletes, coaches, parents and the community.

Our Total Throwing Programs and facility includes:

– Full analysis of your throwing mechanic utilizing slow motion video
– Indoor pitching center complete with pitching mounds to look at real ‘off the
mound’ mechanics for pitchers
– Turf field to look at QB and infielder real-life mechanics
– Detailed day by day position and sport specific throwing programs.
– Return to off the mound pitching program
– Pre-season throwing programs for all throwing athletes so that they can go into
the next season in shape and prevent further injuries.


If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.
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